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Luxury vehicles are strong precision designed machines with an emphasis on quality. Luxury automotive owners grasp that with care and luxury vehicle service that’s competent, reliable and on the market around the clock, their luxury cars can always be in top driving condition.

It is with this understanding that innovative automotive vehicle makers go beyond their revolutionary automotive styles to make outstanding support products specifically designed to satisfy the exacting needs of the discerning luxury driver.

Genuine parts

Genuine parts are manufactured to match to the specific needs of the luxury vehicle they’re designed for and guarantee a high standard of quality.

Innovative car makers also make sure that enhancements created in series production also are adopted for their real elements and often grant a one-year statutory guarantee on these parts.

Genuine replacement parts have also become available and whereas being a resource-saving various, they’re nevertheless subjected to the same stringent quality needs.

Aftercare Services

Emergency and private help programmers give luxury vehicle owners with peace of mind motoring by providing the infrastructure to support a countrywide 24- hour-a-day emergency service. These programmers ensure on the spot roadside help offered by a totally equipped and trained luxury vehicle servicing technician.

It is this attention to service that ensures that the getting of a luxury vehicle is quite a business group action, however the beginning of a relationship supported on mutual respect and admiration.

GT Auto Center, one of thecar service center Dubai, UAE. We offer cost-effective luxury car services.

BMW 1 Series common problems  

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With a true flashy feel behind the wheel and also the classic BMW styling, this is often an excellent automotive that will keep its value for years. Even with the rear wheel drive set-up, it manages to supply a consistent ride quality throughout its years. However, like all vehicles, it’s not completely rattle-free and there are many known problems to look at out for once buying a second-hand model.


Have a glance at your potential purchase’s front tires. Is that the wear uneven across the pair? If this is often the case then the most likely cause may be a reported problem with a faulty steering rack, which is known to throw out the tracking on the front wheels. Also, many cars were recalled during the period between June 2007 and December 2011 wherever the integrated control module wasn’t up to specification and could turn the ability steering off.


Keep one eye out for an excessive quantity of smoke coming out of the engine upon acceleration after you are taking this BMW hatchback for a test drive. Known problems with the turbocharger are the likely origins of this problem that is at risk of failure and can need replacement.


If the BMW one Series you’re looking at was factory-made during March 2006 then it could be subject to a drag with a seal on the brake, which suggests that the brakes won’t operate at the most level of effectiveness. Make sure that you simply try an emergency stop procedure with any car you wish to buy from this period, and confirm it slows down below normal stopping distance.


Cars from the second quarter of 2008 were known to suffer from airbag issues, which mean that the bag won’t deploy properly in the event of a crash. This is often due to faults within the BMW hatchback’s safety belt tensioned and the wiring harness, which can cause it to fail. Once more check the service history to envision if these parts are replaced.

Door Handles

There is a known issue with the door handles on the one Series. try all the handles around the car. Will any single unit stick out of the door once you close the door? If so then the catch and handle may well be broken, requiring an entire replacement of each component.

Manual Gearbox

If you’re thinking of buying a one Series that suffers from a very stiff gear change once the automotive is initial motoring on the road, be aware that this isn’t a fault. The automotive simply wants a little time to heat up and normal service should be rebuilt once the vehicle is out on the open road.


Tips To Extend the Life of your BMW

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Buying a BMW is a major speculation and you should comprehend what to do to help expand its life. There are large numbers of various approaches to keep your BMW running in great condition, and the absolute most basic ways are often overlooked. Being careful when you drive, washing the car as often as possible, and getting regular BMW service is quite recently a portion of the approaches to expand your vehicle’s life.

Driving With Care

You should make it a point to drive your BMW with care each day. Over the long run, it could add years of life to your vehicle.

Hustling your car’s motor in order to try to speed up the warming procedure on a cool day can add years of harm to the engine. You have to simply be tolerant in giving your car warm up by quickening gradually when you begin to drive. An initial couple of minutes of driving will add the most wear to the motor.

In any condition, you should avoid accelerating rapidly and driving at high speeds. This will help limit repairs and will help delay the life of your tires.

Turning your controlling wheel too far to one side or too far to the right can be extremely damaging as well. So be aware of the road and attempt to keep away from sharp turns.

Washing your Car

Keeping your car washed and free from debris is an incredible way to protect the outside and undercarriage. It’s smart to wash your BMW regularly in the summer months because of harming precipitation, mud, and environmental pollution. Be that as it may, keeping your car washed during the winter months. A lot of the stuff that you drive through in the winter months, for example, slush, sand, and salt is the thing that will make your car rust. It will rust the speediest during temperatures that fluctuate from above to below solidifying. You should start washing your car off in the winter months, particularly the difficult-to-achieve regions like the bumper, the wheel wells, and the undercarriage of the car.

Regular Car Maintenance

Following your BMW’s support plan is critical for extending the life of your car. Getting standard oil changes, overhauling the tires, and having occasional multi-point investigations are precious in keeping your auto in the great running request. With general administration, your vehicle will run more dependable and will last longer.

Car Service in Dubai,UAE

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GT Auto Centre is a leading car repairing and servicing center in Dubai offering vehicle repair services, including air conditioning, electrical, mechanical – transmission, engine, suspension and body repair in Dubai, UAE. Being western owned and run we understand well the importance of quality, reliability, and transparency. Customer care and service excellence are at the heart of our business philosophy and at every point of their interaction with the GT Team, our customers can expect the very best attention to detail and highest quality in service delivery.

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